Holmfirth Peaks and Pennines

Digley Reservoir

The scenery across Holmfirth, the Holme Valley, and surrounding areas is spectacular all year round. From snow covered hills and valleys in the winter, to bluebell-carpeted woodlands, the area is ideal for blowing away those winter cobwebs or simply having a lazy summer picnic. Pull on your walking boots or cycling shorts, pack the camera and head for the hills, where you will be rewarded with peace, fresh air and panoramic views.

Here’s some of the more popular routes and walks for the Holme Valley and surrounding areas.

Digley Reservoir

Located towards the south-west of Holmfirth are two popular circular walks around the Digley Reservoir. For those looking for a short stroll alongside woods and through fields, the short walk is approximately 1.2 miles long and is an ideal walk for families. Just follow the path that runs around the edge of the reservoir. For a more invigorating walk across open moorland, the route can be extended to cover nearly five miles, taking in some fantastic scenery.

Blackmoorfoot Reservoir

To the north of Meltham, this reservoir is popular with birdwatchers and is fully wheelchair accessible.

Holme Valley riverside Way

Starting from Magdale, this six-mile walk is more accessible than some other rural and hillside walks. This is a linear walk going through villages including Holmfirth and Honley.

Stubbin Lane Dam

Holme Valley Circular Walk

Starting from Berry Brow near Huddersfield, you will take in a variety of scenery from quiet villages to rolling fields and wooded valleys.

There are panoramic views from the many vantage points along the route, including historic Castle Hill. The full route covers 24 miles, but divides into 13 short sections.

Holme Moss View Point

525m above sea level, Holme Moss is every cyclist’s nemesis, but boy are the views worth the climb!

Holmbridge and Holme Walk

Explore Pennine moors, Peak district hills and quaint villages on this 5 mile walk past digley, Ramsden and Yateholme Reservoirs.

Ramsden Reservoir

There are a series of paths at Ramsden that provide walks in the valley and over moors near Holmfirth. The route includes a mixture of moorland and unsurfaced paths, presenting beautiful views across the valley and up onto the higher moors where the Holme Moss transmitter mast is a prominent feature.

The walk is 4 miles long, but there is an option to shorten the route.

3 thoughts on “Holmfirth Peaks and Pennines

  1. I and a couple of friends hop to visit Holmfirth in 2012. This area has caught my attention as i am a big fan of Summer Wine.I have been to England before but did not get to see the country side. It is hard to express but that reigon is calling me.It is beautiful also my mothers parents came fromEngland also an aunt from Gates Head. So the good Lord willing we will be there to see in person the place that is calling me. Janice Ross

  2. On the 7/6/2013 I took visitors from Wales to see the Last of the summer wine area.
    I live in Derby some 70 miles away
    I came to Holmfirth many years ago The public toilets were just being built
    This time I was ashamed to have taken my visitors o such a place
    The toilets were a disgrace the men had to find there way through buckets etc

    Sid’s Café served bacon sandwiches in flat buns with bacon an unusual hard brown colour. the mugs were suited for a building site . 2 mugs and 2 bacon sandwiches cost £8.80 If the owners are going to use the shows name they should at least make some effort .,. We met people from abroad and various places in this country all appeared disappointed, word of mouth is the best type advertising
    I know the show is old now but many people still come , Iris Patrick

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