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Holmfirth Markets

Holmfirth indoor market Holmfirth craft market
There’s always lots going on in Holmfirth. Whether you’re local to the area or just visiting the town on a short trip or holiday, the regular market days always seem to pull a strong crowd!

General Market

Thursday 9.00am until 4.30pm

A busy weekday market bursting with fresh produce including local meats, eggs, cheese, fruit and vegetables, bread and cakes, plus a wonderful selection of plants and flowers, all the essential household items, superb silver jewellery and much more.

Craft and Food Market

Saturday 9.00am until 4.30pm

A wonderful combination of hand-made crafts and fresh food. Craft stalls include hand-made basketry, jewellery, cards and stationary, knitwear, sewing and embroidery, glassware, photography and more. Alongside the traditional crafts, the market is full of fresh foods, including local meats, cheeses, seasonal fruit and vegetables, biscuits, breads and cakes.

Farmers Markets

Every third Sunday from 8.00am until 2.00pm

Take a trip to the farmers market where you can buy fresh, nutritious, good quality food direct from the person who produces it. The selection of produce available at the Farmers Market will vary with season, however you are likely to be able to find a delicious selection of vegetables, fruit, meat, eggs, bread and cakes, jams, fruit juices and dairy produce.

  • July 20th 2014
  • August 3rd 2014
  • August 17th 2014
  • September 7th 2014
  • September 21st 2014
  • October 5th 2014
  • October 19th 2014
  • November 2nd 2014
  • November 6th 2014

More Details on Special Markets & Festival Events

Food & Drink Festival

Join us for one of the best festivals in the North.

Holmfirth Art Market

A unique event where selected artists and designer makers sell beautiful home-wares, garden sculpture, jewellery, paintings, fashion, photography and more – direct to the public.

Christmas Market

Take a break from the high street and indulge in some traditional Christmas shopping perfect for those unique gifts.

Christmas Shopping

Squeeze in time for extra shopping with Sunday opening at the market.

14 Comments on “Holmfirth Markets

  1. I was wondering if you could tell me how to apply for a stall at holmfirth craft and food market and the art market thank you

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  2. Hi,
    Please can you let me know if their is available space for Thursday & Saturday market days for us?
    We are looking to sell our pork products that range from cold cuts sausages bacon air dried meats and chorizo .
    We have a display fridge and would like to keep this at the market place for convenience to all.
    We look forward to your reply.
    Kind regards

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  3. Hello,

    I’m not sure what the best way to contact any one about this, but I had a stall at the holmfirth market on the tour de Yorkshire da. And I think I may of left my sign saying claws and fangs I hope you can help.

    Thank you

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  4. Bought a pork pie, mushroom galette and goats cheese quiche from a lovely lady last Saturday, 28th May. The best that I have ever tasted and at a bargain price. Pity Holmfirth is so far from where I live.

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  5. Hi Holmfirth Farmers Market, I have been coming to the farmers market for years and it is now abysmal. There are two or three stalls left, what is going on, you won’t get visitors like this.

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    Rating: +2 (from 2 votes)
  6. Hey,

    I was wondering how to apply for a stall for the general and the craft and food market.

    Thank You

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  7. The lovely baked goods bought by Marianne Humphreys come from Lily Pickles of Holmfirth who attends the market every Saturday. Make sure you find the genuine Lily Pickles stall.

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  8. wow only 3 stalls left ..and in these comments ive already heard three or four people asking how to get stalls ..whats going on does someone not want the market there or what ?

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  9. Hi I would like to sell my dog products on the sat market please. How do I apply?

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  10. Hi

    I would like to book a stall, what do i have to do?


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  11. Hi I was wondering when your Christmas Market was on

    Many thanks.

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  12. Hello, please could you let me know if you have any stalls for the Christmas market , when they are on, and how I can apply for one?

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  13. Please can you send Me details of the price of a stall (Arts/crafts) and availability for Saturday May 12th 2018 in Homfirth?
    My companion and I live in Lincolnshire so if We were to take a stall on the aforementioned date what is the earliest time we could set up. Also please can You provide details of what prerequisites you may require of occasional stall holders (insurance etc)

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  14. Please dont close the fruit and veg market on thur and sat! Been coming for years and quality and prices are excellent. We dont want Holmfirth to be full of supermarkets and not much alternative. It is a market town and should have a market.

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