Last of the Summer Wine

Filmed on location in and around Holmfirth in the Holme Valley, Last of the Summer Wine is the longest-running comedy programme in Britain and the longest-running sitcom in the world.

Last of the Summer Wine

Centred around the activities and shenanigans of three elderly men, Last of the Summer Wine is a gentle comedy about the pleasures of growing old. The cast has changed my times over the years with the original trio
consisting of Bill Owen as the scruffy and child-like Compo, Peter Sallis as deep-thinking, meek Clegg and Michael Bates as authoritarian and snobbish Blamire.

Over the years the original cast has grown to feature a wide variety of supporting characters, with each helping to contribute to their own unique subplots and often finding themselves somehow involved in the daredevil stunts and boyish pranks of the trio.

Whilst the trio has changed over the course of the show, Peter Sallis as ‘Clegg’ has remained a constant character as was Bill Owen as Compo for some 26 years until his death.

Nora Batty's House

Often seen as ageing delinquents, the three men have never seemed to have grown up. With their often youthful stunts and japes aimed at wooing their lady friends or getting male chums out of trouble.

Last of the Summer Wine continues to raise a large viewing audience on the BBC, and has been awarded in the past for it’s positive portrayal of older people and it’s family-friendly humour and content.

On the 26 June 2009 the BBC announced that it had recommissioned the show for its 31st series, consisting of 6 episodes to be broadcast in 2010.

Sid's Cafe

Last of the Summer Wine Video Tribute

10 thoughts on “Last of the Summer Wine

  1. I will one day travel to England just to go visit the town of Holmfirth! Iwould love to see the country side and take pictures in front of Compo’s house and Clegg’s house and Sid famous cafe.

  2. Dear Admin. May I say what a wonderful series Last of The Summer Wine was, and delighted that it is on going on the G . O. L. D. channel which I watch regularly all the Wine eppisode repeat, and never fails me to raise a hearty laugh at their antics. It is a great tradgedy that the series did finaly come to an end, I still feel that there were loads more situations that could have been thought up, but I must give due to all the wonderful star actors and actressess, their ages getting on in years, and not able to do so much. The secenary was breathtaking, and a delight. The series realy did take one out of their selves, from the daily strife of every day living and worries, a breath of fresh air, where one could indulge in a little escape of fantasy. I thought it would be a wonderful idea, if perhaps the writer Roy Clarke, could do a cartoon series of Summer Wine, but based in heaven, whereby Foggy is incenced that Compo is still scruffy as he was on earth,, how did he get past St Peter at the gate?, only to be bowled over by God himself comming along, putting his arm around Compo and saying, ” Compo my DEAR fellow, I get fed up seeing all those souls in formal atire, how nice to see one dressed casual for a change”, also Compo still chasing Nora from cloud to cloud, ” Get OFF MY CLOUD” she rants, Compo says, ” I still see thee got those shocking wrinkled stockin`s on”. Foggy says he will put the stop to the solo harp lark, and get up a good military band instead, only his idea to be scupperd by Gabriel. ” I am the only one who blows the horn”! Of course Wesley Pegdon thrilled to bits at meeting all the former car makers, drivers Henery Ford, John Cobb, and asks what would be the best car to get around heaven in? Much to Edie being upset, and oil from these machines ruining the cloud home she keeps spotless! Yes I think it would be fantastic, but of course bearing in mind, no doubt the church and church minded folk would raise totaL objections! , So I porofusely apologise. With best wishes David Barber

  3. im sorry but in my opinion bbc should reshow the series from the very start, i love this programe so much allways brings a smile ,and then allout laghter..

  4. i loved this show and felt like i knew all these people. i watched this every night for years. maybe someday i can visit this town. it is just so beautiful there. and then again the towns people are like the show.

  5. Hello from Oklahoma, USA.
    Loved the show, in fact watch it on youtube.
    Someday would love to vist your wonderful historical town.

  6. Has anyone ever produced a hybrid pictorial map locating the cafe, Auntie’s, Nora’s, the various pubs, where the threesomes went, the arched bridge, (etc.) poster sized? I’d pay a few quid for such and I can think of quite a few others who’d like to hang such in a picture frame on wall. jccampb

  7. if it is possible could you send me the words for the song which has occasionally featured during ‘Last of the Summer Wine.’ I heard it on the episode when they were all saying ‘Goodbye to Compo. It was also sung on the programme titled ‘Whoops.

  8. Ive been watching this Great Britcom for almost 10 yrs.I think its the very best program ive ever watched.Its Good clean Fun.Not like alot of the Filth thats on TV today.I only wish they could continue to film more episodes.Im buying the DVDS as they become avalible so I can watch it when I want to.May God bless all those who Starred in the series and the Producer and Roy Clarke.Thank You All.Jim.P.

  9. On Saturday 6th July me and my lady friend went to Holmfirth for the day we had a great time. People was friendly.went to the museum was very good .

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